”we Have A Lot More Time Together,” Cooper Said.

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He and I should have the best relationship ever.” Carr and Cooper live close together when the team is not in Napa and often get together for informal throwing sessions during the offseason. The extra time together at camp allows them to get to know more about each other’s family and goals and made the talkative Carr even closer with the more guarded Cooper. But more importantly it gives them more opportunity to talk football and to get even more in sync when they hit the field for practice and games. ”We have a lot more time together,” Cooper said. ”We have time to talk about things, talk about what we want to accomplish when we come out for practice. We have time to talk about the script go to website because every practice is scripted. How he wants me to run certain routes. That’s the biggest thing. We have more time to talk about things.” The Raiders coaching staff was very receptive to the idea. Offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave said it reminded him of his playing days in San Francisco when 49ers quarterback Steve Young and tight end Brent Jones roomed together the night before games.

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