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While sites like Time may value giving visitors a way to opine about the debate, Trump’s embrace of the results ends up embarrassing both himself and the news outlet involved. “These snap polls are just a way to feed the beast until the next batch of appropriately-conducted polls can come out to tell us if voters actually moved. It’s like eating a junk food snack between meals,” Anderson said. Trump’s tweet also cited surveys from obscure web sites like “PolitOpinion.” In one case on Tuesday, Trump even cited a poll that did not exist. “I won CBS,” he said on “Fox & Friends.” foot surgery osteotomyCBS correspondent Major Garrett took to Twitter to clarify: “We did not conduct a post-debate poll.” CBS did conduct a focus group of undecided voters, and Clinton came out ahead. Trump said on Fox that the survey results “mean a lot” to him, noting that hundreds of thousands of votes were cast on some of the web sites. That’s true, but since people can vote multiple times — and, with the right software, perhaps even more than that — it isn’t necessarily meaningful. Nevertheless, the surveys allow Trump and his aides to rail against media elite reactions to the debate and argue that voters are outsmarting pundits. And that’s exactly what the campaign did on Tuesday.

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