The Campus Also Features An Emergency Transport Heliport And Boat Dock And Is Designed With A Full Backup Power System And The Capacity To Handle Double Inpatient Occupancy In Times Of Disaster.

A central concourse organizes the campus, linking atriums that open into large program blocks subdivided into smaller buildings and separated by green courtyards that resemble the gardens of the French Quarter. hop over to hereIn total, the new campus houses 200 inpatient beds, 370 outpatient exam rooms, 21 procedural suites, eight operating rooms, ambulatory clinics, emergency and imaging departments, mental health services, patient education facilities and outpatient rehabilitation services. The institutions educational mission is advanced through state-of-the-art technology, including smart classrooms and conference rooms, integrated cameras in the operating rooms, robotic surgery and wireless technology. Designed and constructed for maximum resiliency, the facility can remain fully operational during a major storm or natural disaster, with enough provisions and accommodations for up to 1,000 staff and patients for five days. Critical healthcare functions, including the emergency room, are located at least 21 feet above the base flood elevation, and travel from building to building can take place entirely indoors. The campus also features an emergency transport heliport and boat dock and is designed with a full backup power system and the capacity to handle double inpatient occupancy in times of disaster. Our team applied lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina to create a resilient hospital infrastructure with an efficient, patient-centered design that will serve up to 70,000 Veterans from throughout the region, says Steve Maslen, project executive of CMHP. As a civil engineer, I can see that this medical center has been designed and constructed to serve as a model for health care of the future and set the standards for patient-centered care, said SLVHCS Medical Center Director Fernando O. Rivera, FACHE. In a ribbon cutting November 18, we celebrated serving Veterans and expanding other our services by using a state-of-the-art Veterans medical center.

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