He Still Jumps Rope, Too.

Eli stretches for 25 minutes each morning when he arrives to the Giants facility. He stretches before his workouts. He stretches before practice. He stretches before games. He stretches his hips and ankles, his shoulder and his arm. He still jumps rope, too. Eli takes this routine very seriously, and he credits it for his longevity. Eli has started, including the playoffs, 210 consecutive gamesand there will be at least one more in this postseason. Its longest active streak in the NFL. Only two quarterbacks in league history have had longer streaks: Brett Favre and Elis brother Peyton. And if Eli keeps playing, he could pass his brother by next season. How did Eli Manning, of all people, become the Iron Man of the modern NFL? Theres a lot you can learn about a person over the course of 210 games.address

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